Made In The USA

Cucamonga Valley Candle Company is proud that ALL candles, lotions and soaps are 100% made with USA made materials! All Cucamonga Valley Candle candles are made in the USA.

The soy wax we use in our candles come from soy beans that are grown by local farmers in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Indiana.

The glass containers we use come from New York and Kentucky.

The wicks are made from 100% US grown cotton that is woven into a flat braid wick with a paper fiber in turn helps in increased rigidity, decreased mushrooming, soot and smoke.


We at Cucamonga Valley Candle Company believe in promoting other Made In The USA companies that share the same ideals, drive and passion as us.

I would like to introduce to you a company doing great work, making outstanding quality products made right here in the USA. All American Clothing Company is based out of Arcanum, Ohio. Check them out, we did and love their products!

All American Clothing Co.
2149 Arcanum-Ithaca Rd.
Arcanum, OH 45304 US
Phone: 888-937-8009