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Our candles are hand poured with 100% soy wax made from US grown soy beans. Our eco-cotton/paper wicks, glass jars, lids and fragrances are made in the USA. We at Cucamonga Valley Candle company believe in the same principles as the vintner growers and wine makers of the Cucamonga Valley bestowed to us in the 1900’s; produce a product that is locally made and sourced for the world to enjoy at an affordable price.

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What Makes Our Products Better Than The Rest?


What is Soy Wax Anyway?

Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans. After harvesting, the beans are cleaned, cracked, de-hulled, and rolled into flakes. The oil is then extracted from the flakes and hydrogenated.

The hydrogenation process converts some of the fatty acids in the oil from unsaturated to saturated. This process dramatically alters the melting point of the oil, making it a solid at room temperature. The leftover bean husks are commonly used as animal feed.
The U.S. grows the vast majority of the world’s soy beans, primarily in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana.

What are the benefits of Soy Wax??

Soy’s greatest advantage is that it is completely renewable. While the global reserves of oil shrink and paraffin prices increase, the only limit to the soy supply is how much we choose to grow. The soy that is used in our candles today was likely in the ground less than a year ago. And chances are that same field is growing more soy for the candles to be made in the future.

In addition to sustainability, a well-made soy candle will burn cleanly and slowly. The soy that we use are eco-friendly, renewable, American grown, sustainable and carbon neutral.


Made In USA

Cucamonga Valley Candle Company is proud that ALL candles, lotions and soaps are 100% made with USA made materials! All Cucamonga Valley Candle candles are made in the USA.

The soy wax we use in our candles come from soy beans that are grown by local farmers in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Indiana.

The glass containers we use come from New York and Kentucky.

The wicks are made from 100% US grown cotton that is woven into a flat braid wick with a paper fiber in turn helps in increased rigidity, decreased mushrooming, soot and smoke.


What is the difference between soy wax and paraffin wax?

Paraffin Wax
Discovered in 1850

A natural product derived from the components of decayed animal and plant material

Made by removing the waxy substance from crude oil

Most popular kind of wax used in candles

Has a clearly defined large crystal structure and a melt point usually between 120-160 degrees

Tends to be hard and brittle

Soy Wax
Discovered in 1991 as an alternative to paraffin wax

Natural, renewable, non-toxic and biodegradable

Hydrogenated form of soybean oil

Has a lower melting point than paraffin

Commercial soy wax blends tend to be softer than paraffin and will melt in warm weather       

Burns longer and at a cooler temperature than paraffin wax

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