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Help Us Beat Cancer

Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting this page. By reaching this page, that means you care. Thank you. I am not one of many words, and as I type this, I am drawing a blank on what to say. I think my nephew Nick says it best. The following is from the GoFundMe page. You do not have to purchase a candle to contribute, you can directly donate by clicking on the link on the bottom of the page. If you do purchase a candle, rest assured that all the profit from the candle will go directly to Anthony to help beat this nasty disease. Thank you,

Anthony “Ant” Cilluffo, has been diagnosed with cancer.

2017 was a tough year for Ant. He spent much of the year battling debilitating lower back pain, an ailment that kept him from doing the things he loved most – riding bikes and skiing. In November, Ant underwent spinal fusion surgery to repair a degenerative disc. Along with his back pain, Ant had also been experiencing a bothersome gut. After focusing on fixing his back, he decided the digestive struggles had become unbearable. That’s when, just three months out of back surgery, life threw another curveball at him. A CT scan and colonoscopy revealed a tumor the size of a tennis ball, and just like that Ant was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The battle has begun.

This fund has been setup to give friends and family a way to support Ant as he fights this terrible disease. Ant’s medical bills are already piling up from the recent back surgery alone, and cancer treatment is just beginning. He hasn’t been able to work while being so sick, and the financial burden of his illnesses is heavy. Please consider donating to help relieve that burden. Any amount is much appreciated. Let’s help Ant focus solely on getting better, and not on how he will afford to do so.

Ant has climbed countless mountains on his bike; descended many slopes on his skis; and now with our help he will conquer cancer with the perseverance he’s shown his whole life. #AntConquersCancer #PedalingThroughCancer

Please keep Ant in your thoughts and send positive vibes and healthy energy in his direction. If you have questions, thoughts, or other offerings, feel free to contact me at Updates will be provided along the way.

To directly donate, click here:

To purchase the Wood Wick Signature Collection candle click on the photo at the bottom of the page.